“The Guide to a Better Life”と宣言して、2013年11月、雑誌『&Premium』は創刊しました。以来毎号、ファッション、ビューティ、インテリア、日用品、グルメ、旅、カルチャーなど、ベターライフに役立つ誌面をつくることを心がけています。リラックスすることや、美しいものを感じることはもちろん、一つひとつ、ディテールを大切にしてみたり、本質を突き詰めてみたり、手間をかけてみたり、カラダにいいことをしてみたり。結果、心地よく暮らせたら嬉しい、というのが基本方針です。


“& Premium.jp” is A Website Produced by
Magazine House’s “& Premium” Magazine

The first issue of “& Premium” magazine was published in November 2013 with a tag line “THE GUIDE TO A BETTER LIFE” under the logo on the cover. From then on the magazine’s editorial team has done their best to create a magazine that helps its readers to lead a better life through articles about fashion, beauty, design, everyday items, food, travel and culture. Having a good rest, appreciating beauty, knowing more about products around you, trying to disclose the nature of things, putting more effort and doing something healthy… Things the team has introduced through the publication so far are varied, but the basic idea of the magazine creation is always same; “It’s so happy to live comfortably.”

Although “& Premium.jp” also delivers information in accordance with the idea, it would be more personal and detailed than its paper version. So, it can be said that the website is like side B of “& Premium” magazine. Enjoy both of the media produced by “& Premium” editorial team.